About Traffic Jam Essay

Traffic jam is a long-line of vehicles that that or can't transfer will merely proceed extremely gradually while there is so much traffic traveling. You will find a lot of structures in Jakarta consequently there's no trees and open field left Every route in Jakarta is aspal therefore water can't go-anywhere, even if the water goes to the gottery they'll be plugged with garbage The government often attempt to resolve this problem but flooding can come again if the rain period comes.

For Traffic jam we cannot complete our process compose occasion so trade and our business damaged. However the most heartbreaking effect of traffic-jam is the fact that ambulances transporting clients that are vital can't accomplish the hospitals appropriate. Individuals aren't aware of driving's rules and laws and many more aren't willing to abide by traffic rules.

You will find way too many houses in Jakarta thus there's no trees and open field quit Every road in Jakarta is aspal thus water can not go anywhere, even if the water visits the gottery they'll certainly be blocked with garbage the federal government always attempt to remedy this issue but ton can come again when the rain year comes.

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